Windows 10 Build 17035

Windows 10 Build 17035 release: Edge tab can be mute


After a lapse of two weeks, Microsoft again released the Windows 10 Build 17035 Update for Fast Channel users today, the latest preview of the Redstone 4 development branch, bringing many new features and new features to its attention, including the most noteworthy new Features are the ability to mute tabs in the Edge browser and send the content to other attached PCs by the Near Share button.

In Windows 10 Build 17035 more core applications and system components using Fluent Design design, settings page has also been fine-tuning. The main update log contents of this version update include:

Microsoft Edge improvements

● Mute tab

In this version of the update, allowing the currently playing audio tab to mute the operation. When the audio file is played on the tab, an audio mark is displayed on the memo pad. When the user clicks the mark, the tab is automatically mute, and clicking again releases the audio file. Users can also use the “Mute tab” option in the context menu to mute the sound.


● Save free EPUB e-book

If you’re reading a free EPUB eBook on the Edge browser, Edge now offers this feature if you feel good about saving it locally.


● Right-click book menu new content

When a user right-clicks a book in the Book panel, we provide a new option in the right-click menu option that pops up. Including previewing in the Microsoft Store, pinning to the Start menu, refurbishing books, and more. “Remove from here” has been renamed “Remove from device”.


Introduced Near Share function

Suppose you are having a meeting with your boss. How can you quickly pass on the information and reports on hand to them? The recently introduced Near Share feature lets you share files and URLs wirelessly to nearby PCs.


First, your PC needs to support Bluetooth connection, the entire operation steps are as follows:

1. Make sure your PC activates the Near Share feature (both the recipient and the sender versions of Windows 10 are older than Build 17035), enabling quick activation by the user through the Action Center. If you do not see this option during quick operation, you can choose to add / remove quick actions in Settings “Notifications and Actions.”

Find the Share button in any application you like (Photos, Microsoft Edge, or even Explorer).

3. Click the Share button and the user will be able to see nearby devices on the pop-up list. The user then selects the PC they want to share.

4. Once the other party agrees to share (in the other PC device Action Center will jump out of the acceptance or rejection options), then the user can wirelessly transmit data.

Surface hardware products are available through the Microsoft Store

Jump to the following link in Store: . This feature is currently available in the v11709.1001.7 and later versions of the Store application.

Note: Currently only in the United States, Britain and Australia on the line, will be expanded to other countries and regions as soon as possible.

Setting improvement:

● Windows Update improvements

When downloading in the foreground, users can limit download bandwidth. Bandwidth is limited when users click “Check for Updates” or download from the front desk such as the Microsoft Store Download App.

● Sound settings move to settings application

Now the user can change the general settings of the sound in Settings> System> Sound, such as switching the playback device and troubleshooting. Previously in the control panel content is gradually migrated to the setting application.

● Update Ease of Access settings

After Build 17025 debuted, enrich the Ease of Access settings again in this update. New sections on Display, Audio, Speech Recognition, and Eye control (beta) have all been integrated into the associated combo settings.


Touch keyboard improvements

● Acrylic is online

Since this release, the touch virtual keyboard finally has an Acrylic background. This adjustment affects the key layout of all XAML touch keyboards, including widescreen, one-handed, and handwriting panels.


● Standard touch keyboard layout options support more than 190 languages ​​keyboard input

After actively listening to user feedback and adjustments, we are very pleased to announce that the standard touch keyboard already supports all languages ​​except Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (currently under development).

If you want to switch between widescreen, one-handed and standard keyboard layouts, just click the button in the upper-left corner of the keyboard.


Handwriting panel improvement

● Simplified text input

In this release, we’ve added a new over-animation and adjusted the button layout of the handwriting panel so that users can pick and choose the text they want to input very quickly after handwriting on the panel.


● Improve word recognition ability

Write another letter based on a word, handwriting panel to more accurately identify your correction.

● Use gestures to create more space between words.

Using “split” gestures between two handwritten words, using vertical lines to differentiate can save space in entering more words.

Improve Japanese input

Rinna, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat robot, already has more than 6 million friends on LINE, the most popular chat application in Japan. Since Build 17030, the Japanese input method has greatly enhanced her communicative skills, and has been strengthened again in this version.


Keyboard input new recommended options:

When the user input through the physical keyboard to see the follow-up word recommendation, so that when the user input, you can filter the follow-up word recommendation, thereby enhancing typing speed. This feature is mainly targeted at English learners, educators and users who need ancillary services, only support English at this stage.


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