VLC 4.0 will have a great new User Interface

VLC 4.0

The open source VLC is developing the fourth major version of its multi-format player. The organization has released some upcoming features and screenshots.

The following changes and improvements are expected:

  • A modern user interface with transparency, improved controls and more
  • An (optional) Media Library as found on the Android app, will come to the desktop version.
  • Support for 3D and VR (Windows Media Reality, Vice, Oculus, PSVR).
  • Wayland actually working.
  • UPnP Rendering, AirPlay output, like ChromeCast.
  • HEIF, Dash/Webm, TTML images, AV1 encoding, WebVTT.
  • SDI as stream output.
  • SMBv2/v3.
  • RIST (in and out).
  • Dropping support for Windows XP and Vista, and older version of iOS and Android.

You can download VLC v4 nightly builds here.