Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is now available for Linux ARM/Raspberry Pi


Vivaldi announces an experimental version of Linux-based ARM devices, including the increasingly popular Raspberry Pi.

Vivaldi has been supporting the Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms since its debut, the first port of the ARM platform.

Vivaldi Browser combines its advanced user capabilities with fine-grained control to help lower-power devices like Raspberry Pi to provide users with a faster browsing experience.

Although the use of the Vivaldi browser for a small device does not subvert the computing conventions we know, the release of the Vivaldi for Raspberry Pi does offer a multi-layered choice for those who advocate using Linux on the ARM.

The Vivaldi browser is now supported on the latest Raspberry Pi (Zero/2/3) models as well as on popular motherboards (and devices) such as CubieBoard and ASUS Tinker Board.

Raspberry pie is a Linux-based single-board computer designed to promote the school’s basic computer science education with low-cost hardware and free software.¬†For those unfamiliar with Raspberry Pi, this is an incredibly compact, inexpensive computer that can be used to create interesting and useful projects.¬†Among students and computer enthusiasts, this is the third best-selling “general purpose computer.”


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