Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Preview 4 Released

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At the developer conference held by Microsoft, the Visual Studio 2019 Preview version was released for download, and all developers can download and experience it immediately. This is the first preview of the next major release of Visual Studio. In this preview release, focus on a few key areas, such as making it faster to open and use projects stored in a git repository, using artificial intelligence (AI) (officially known as the Visual Studio IntelliCode feature) to improve IntelliSense And by integrating Live Share, it’s easier to collaborate with team members.

Microsoft has also written a blog to introduce various changes to Visual Studio 2019. Interested developers can view the details on the Microsoft website.

Today Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Preview 4, and now you can check the update or download install package Visual Studio.


Git Productivity

Test Explorer

Run/Debug All Tests In View have been added to the Test Explorer. These commands replace where the Run All Tests and Debug All Tests commands appeared in the Test Explorer. This change clarifies that these commands honor the filters of the Test Explorer so that only tests visible in window are run. This includes both column filters and search box filters.

The Global Run/Debug All commands will now only appear in the top-level Test menu. They are no longer included in the Test Explorer toolbar or context menu of any test window view. When triggered from the Test Explorer, the Analyze Code Coverage for All Tests now applies to the test window views as well.

Short-cut Keys:

  • Ctrl R, A – Run All Test – Global command always runs all tests
  • Ctrl R, V – Run All Tests In View – Only a valid command when a test window (Test Explorer, Playlist, Live Unit Testing Window) are active windows
  • Ctrl R, Ctrl A – Debug All Test – Global command always debugs all tests
  • Ctrl R, Ctrl V – Debug All Tests In View – Only a valid command when a test window (Test Explorer, Playlist, Live Unit Testing Window) are active windows


  • Our remote C++ support now supports a wider range of Linux distros and shells, including sh, csh, bash, tsch, ksh, zsh, and dash. You can override the choice of a shell for a remote connection by modifying the new “shell” property via ConnectionManager.exe. This support has been tested with both MSBuild-based Linux projects and CMake projects targeting a remote Linux system or WSL.


Try out the new experimental Language Server Protocol (LSP) powered Razor editor with all Razor files (.cshtml/.razor) by selecting the Enable experimental Razor editor preview feature.