VirtualBox 5.2 Beta 1 release

VirtualBox 5.2 Beta 1 has been released. Oracle’s product management director Simon Coter announced on Friday that Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2 Beta 1 has released the following noteworthy improvements:
  • Export the virtual machine to the Oracle public cloud

    • Automatic guest OS installation (see enhancement request #5810 and VirtualBox manual for further details)
    • Improved Virtual Machine selector GUI
    • Improved Virtual Machine Tools and Global Tools handling
    • New GUI icons

    Main Fixes:

    • GUI: improvements with accessibility support
    • Audio: implemented (optional) device enumeration support for audio backends
    • Audio: implemented support for host device callbacks (e.g. when adding or removing an audio device)
    • Audio: HDA emulation now uses asynchronous data processing in separate threads
    • EFI: better video mode handling


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