VirtualBox 5.1.24 maintenance version update release: support Linux Kernel 4.13 branch

After nearly three months of research and development, Oracle (Oracle) today launched the VirtualBox 5.1.24 maintenance version update. This version of the update has brought a lot of improvements and BUG repair, especially for GNU / Linux users. First of all, the version of the initial support for the upcoming Linux Kernel 4.13 branch kernel, is still in the development stage.

In addition, VirtualBox 5.1.24 reduces the kernel stack consumption for multiple Linux kernels compiled with the CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK option, improves compatibility with Linux Kernel modules based on the GCC 7 compiler, and fixes many problems with the Linux kernel 4.12 kernel.
In addition, for GNU / Linux users, VirtualBox version 5.1.24 has finally provided 2D video acceleration for older releases, improved support for Fedora 25 and Fedora 26 with 3D pass-through, improved Oracle Linux 6 with UEK4 Size adjustment.


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● Linux distributions

●  Solaris hosts

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