VFEmail was hacked, all data in the US was deleted and could not be recovered

VFEmail was hacked

VFEmail owner Rick Romero recently discovered that hackers tried to systematically destroy the company’s service hard drives, including backup and redundancy. According to the announcement issued by the email service provider on the official website, all data on the US server has completely disappeared and seems unable to recover. Romero said in the tweet: “Yes, @VFEmail is effectively gone. It will likely not return. I never thought anyone would care about my labor of love so much that they’d want to completely and thoroughly destroy it.

The status page said the destruction came at the hands of a “hacker, last seen as aktv@” The IP address, whois records show, has ties to both Daticum and Coolbox hosting services, both in Bulgaria. The motive of the attacker is currently unknown. The attacker did not extort ransom.

Via: arstechnica