Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Users have problems with the headphone jack on Surface Book 3

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Some time ago, the Surface Laptop 3 has a screen cracking problem, some Surface Book 3 users reported some problems with their device’s headphone jack.

In many forums on the Internet, you can see posts of Surface Book 3 users’ feedback on this issue. They all claim that when plugging their wired headphones into the Surface Book 3, the headphones will send a buzzing sound when playing audio.

The user said that as soon as the audio content starts playing, no matter what the system volume of the Surface Book 3 is set, there will be a buzzing or rattling sound in the headphones. When the playback continues for one minute, the noise will disappear, but after replaying, there will be noises again in the headphones.

Surface Laptop 3 screen cracks
“DSC_5307” by JAcKLmF1990 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

A disappointed user wrote:

“I have bought four Surface Book 3 (13.5-inch), Core i7, 16GB, 256 SSD model. Except for the first one which has a slight screen problem, all the other three have the headphone jack buzzing problem. I’m sure that it’s a hardware manufacturing-related problem. It’s really disappointing when comparing the price with its quality.”

Another user pointed out:

“As reported earlier, I had the very same issue. After getting in contact with their support, Microsoft replaced my Surface Book 3 with a new one. Unfortunately, the new device was again affected by the buzzing.”

The cause of this problem is not yet clear, and Microsoft has no statement to respond to this matter.

Via: windowslatest