Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

A US renewable energy provider, Utah is attacked by cyber attacks

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Recently, an attack on renewable energy power plants occurred in Utah, USA. In this attack, the hacker successfully cut off the connection between the power plant operator and the power station, which is the first time in the United States. ​

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It is understood that the victim of the incident is sPower, a Utah-based renewable energy provider whose main business is to generate electricity through wind and solar energy. After the incident, the connection between sPower’s main control center and its remote power generation site was gradually disconnected. US Energy Department analyst Matt Tarduogno said that attackers may have exploited known vulnerabilities in the Cisco firewall to force the firewall to restart, thus successfully cutting off the link between the two.

However, the attack does not seem to be planned in advance. According to some data, after successfully killing the firewall, the hacker did not continue to destroy the sPower network. The researchers said that although the company’s power generation capacity has not been disturbed, such incidents still sound the alarm for security personnel.

Via: ZDNet