Unity 7 can smoothly transition to the GNOME Shell user interface


Canonical’s Will Cooke today reported the latest developments in the Ubuntu Desktop and Snappy teams, as well as the Ubuntu system’s functional planning. One of the most important is that Ubuntu’s development team is trying to ensure that Unity 7 can smoothly transition to the GNOME Shell user interface, Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) with Wayland session with the re-launched GNOME-based Ubuntu session, and the first generation GNOME session no longer Default installation.

Canonical’s Snappy team and representatives of Ubuntu MATE, GNOME Software, KDE, Elementary, Fedora, and AppStream projects have already conducted a Snappy sprint in London to work together to develop some improvements for desktop Snap users.


“We have used the GNOME platform Snap to improve the desktop Launcher’s help tool.If you create a GTK + application on GNOME 3.2, you can now use the utility platform Snap to significantly reduce the Snap installment package (Snap is already called,” said Will Cooke, team leader for Ubuntu Desktop. ‘Gnome-3-24’) capacity “

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