Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu Unity is expected to reproduce in an unofficial branch


After seven years of development, Canonical has decided to relinquish the Unity desktop to the GNOME desktop environment in the future. However, some Unity loyal users are still unable to accept this decision, hoping to return to the way through the unofficial branch.

Ubuntu forum user Dale Beaudoin launched a survey last week in the Ubuntu community to find out if a user’s view of Unity was released as a long-term support release with the release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) next year or a regular support release of 9 months.

Ubuntu Unity

A total of 30 users had voted as of press time, with 67% of users’ support being released as a long-term support version and 33% of users supporting 9 months. Dale Beaudoin said: “The latest polls show that two-thirds of Ubuntu Unity supports the LTS version and we will try to launch the ISO image every other week or 10 days using the current 18.04 daily build on the Ubuntu Bionic Beaver platform.”

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