Ubuntu founder explains why Ubuntu decides to give up Unity

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Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth shared more details about why Ubuntu chose to give up Unity.

Ubuntu 17.10 released last week since the launch in 2011, the first time without the use of Unity desktop Ubuntu.

Founder Mark Shuttleworth said it had reached a consensus with Canonical’s other “leaders” that they should make the company a publicly traded company. So in order to attract potential investors, the company had to focus on its profitability area – but Unity, Ubuntu phones, Unity 8 and integration are not profitable. Lack of profitability may mean Unity’s death, but the broader Ubuntu project is very healthy.

Mark Shuttleworth said that one of his most proud things is that over the past seven years, Ubuntu has become completely sustainable. Even if he was hit by the car tomorrow, Ubuntu project can continue to develop. He also said that this is not a bit magical? Such a world-class enterprise platform, completely free to offer, but it is sustainable.

In addition, Mark Shuttleworth said the Canonical company will focus on the cloud and the field of things development.

Losing Unity is probably a big blow to desktop users, but it helps to balance the rest of the company.

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