Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Ubuntu 17.10 usher in volume improvement, more applications encapsulated for Snap unified format

2 min read

In order to create the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system as the default GNOME 3 desktop environment equipped with the best GNU / Linux distribution, adhering to their own responsible attitude to the user Canonical need to provide as much as possible the perfect game, software and Users expect many features that can be imagined in the recent phase Canonical’s Ubuntu Desktop team is very busy.


One of the users most desire, one of the higher voice function is in the Ubuntu system through the physical keyboard break 100% of the volume limit. Ubuntu system has this feature, but after the GNOME desktop environment, or other GNOME environment based on the release version can not break through the keyboard limit. Previously, the notebook user can not adjust the volume button on the keyboard, you must use the mouse to click the system menu, open the control center, in the sound panel to achieve more than 100% of the volume limit.

“We’ve tried a variety of ways to port this feature and allow the sound to break the upper limit of 100%,” said Will Cooke, head of the Ubuntu Desktop team. “This feature is very important because some computers (such as the ThinkPad X220) % Volume is relatively low, so it is very practical to use some software to enlarge the way.Although this feature has been achieved in the GNOME SHELL, through the physical keyboard to adjust the volume of the upper limit is still 100%. If you are currently set Of the volume value of more than 100%, then when you press the volume increase button, then the volume will be up to 100% of the way the output, can effectively reduce the volume.

At the same time, Canonical’s Snappy team continues to install more GNOME applications in the billion Snap uniform installation package. This week they have distributed GNOME Dictionary, GNOME Calculator, GNOME Clocks, GNOME Sudoku and Quadrapassel applications to stable channels, Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) can also be installed.