Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Twitter for Mac is on Mac App Store now

1 min read

At the WWDC in June this year, Apple announced the macOS Catalina operating system, one of the main features is the Catalyst feature that allows iPad apps to be easily converted to Mac apps. macOS Catalina was released on Monday, and now Twitter for Mac is also officially launched in the Mac App Store. This app is built using Catalyst technology.

A year ago, the Twitter app for Mac was taken off the shelf and stopped developing. At the time, Twitter said that it was recommended that Mac users use Twitter through the web. The advent of Catalyst makes it easy to maintain Mac apps and share code libraries with the iOS platform. In the end, Twitter decided to let Twitter for Mac return.

Twitter explains:

The new Twitter for Mac app will use our existing iOS codebase, rather than being built from a separate codebase, following the same successful strategy we’ve used with Web to expand our supported clients. By supporting key Mac-specific behaviors on top of our iOS code, we will be able to maintain feature parity across our iOS and Mac apps with relatively low long term maintenance costs.