Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was compromised

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was compromised

The officially certified account of Jack Dorsey, the founder and current CEO of the world-renowned social networking site, has been attacked by hackers to publish sensitive content. These sensitive content involved racist speech and tweets “Hitler is innocent”. As the founder and CEO of Twitter, his account has 4.21 million fans.

Twitter vulnerability

Although the number of fans of Jack Dorsey is not too much compared to some stars, it is the Twitter founder who has different meanings for hackers. In recent years, many hackers or individuals have hacked Jack Dorsey’s account, and then sent different tweets to promote themselves or promote other content. Most hacker organizations attacked Jack Dorsey’s account starting point or show off, these hacking organizations seem to think that this can be used to prove their hacker strength. The rest of the hacking attack is as in this case, mainly using the huge influence of Jack Dorsey’s account to promote some of his views.

In most cases, you want to win the Twitter founder’s account by password reuse, that is, the same password is used to attack Twitter’s account after being leaked elsewhere. A rare case is the use of Twitter vulnerabilities to bypass the security system for attacks, but if successful, the hacker can attack anyone’s account. What’s more surprising is that Twitter actually supports two-step verification. It seems that Jack Dorsey has not yet configured 2-step verification for his account.

Via: USAToday