TrueOS 17.12 release, FreeBSD-based desktop Linux distribution


TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD) aims to be a FreeBSD-based desktop operating system that is easy to install and use. To this end, it provides a graphical installer to make it easy for even newbies to UNIX to get it up and running. It comes preconfigured with KDE, video, audio, and network so the desktop is ready for use. A graphical software installer called PBIs makes installing precompiled packages as easy as in other popular operating systems.

TrueOS 17.12 has been released and has introduced several enhancements to the Firefox Quantum web browser. This release focuses heavily on cleaning up and making TrueOS more unique: OpenRC, boot speed, removable device management, SysAdm APIs and LibreSSL integration, Lumina improvements, and more.

As expected, TrueOS 17.12 brings Lumina Desktop 1.4.1 as the default desktop environment with a new theme engine and ZFS integration. Support for multiple simultaneous graphical conversations has also been added to the PCDM Login Manager.

For users who do not want to use the Lumina desktop environment, choose from versions such as Xfce 4.12, LXDE 1.0, MATE 1.18.0, KDE 4.14.3, GNOME 3.18.0, and Cinnamon 2.4.6 desktop environments.

  • Sane service management and status reporting with OpenRC
  • Reliable, non-interactive system update mechanism with fail-safe boot environment support.
  • Graphical management of remote TrueOS servers through SysAdm (also provides a reliable API for administrating systems remotely).
  • LibreSSL for all base SSL support.
  • Base system managed via packages (allows for additional fine-tuning).
  • The base system is smaller due to the removal of the old GCC version in the base. Any compiler and/or version may be installed and used via packages as desired.
  • Support for newer graphics drivers and chipsets (graphics, networking, wifi, and more)

In addition, there is also an update on TrueOS server products, providing a new text-based server image, supporting virtualized systems such as bhyve !, for easy server deployment, taking advantage of FreeBSD improvements.

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