Tor,, release


Tor,, release.

Change log


  • Major bugfixes (crash, directory connections):
    • Fix a rare crash when sending a begin cell on a circuit whose linked directory connection had already been closed. Fixes bug 21576; bugfix on Reported by Alec Muffett.
  • Major bugfixes (guard selection):
    • Fix a guard selection bug where Tor would refuse to bootstrap in some cases if the user swapped a bridge for another bridge in their configuration file. Fixes bug 21771; bugfix on Reported by “torvlnt33r”.


  • Major bugfixes (hidden service directory, security):
    • Fix an assertion failure in the hidden service directory code, which could be used by an attacker to remotely cause a Tor relay process to exit. Relays running earlier versions of Tor 0.3.0.x should upgrade. This security issue is tracked as TROVE-2017-002. Fixes bug 22246; bugfix on


  • Major bugfixes (crash, relay):
  • Fix a memory-corruption bug in relays that set MyFamily. Previously, they would double-free MyFamily elements when making the next descriptor or when changing their configuration. Fixes bug 22368; bugfix on


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