The Vision Pro successor is expected to enter mass production in the first half of 2027

Regarding Apple’s upcoming virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro, set to be unveiled early next year, renowned market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo anticipates that the actual shipment numbers might oscillate between 400,000 and 600,000 units. Concurrently, the speculated budget-friendly version of the Vision Pro appears to have been shelved by Apple.

Previously, market projections placed Vision Pro’s shipments north of 1 million units. However, Kuo surmises the actual figures to be closer to half of that estimation. It seems the price point set at $3,499 might be a tad steep for the average consumer, hence the device might predominantly cater to tech enthusiasts, those with niche requirements, or businesses with specific operational needs.

As for the rumors regarding Apple’s intention to launch a more affordable Vision Pro in 2025, it seems that such plans have been abandoned for now. Consequently, unless Apple revisits and slashes the Vision Pro’s price tag, its prospects for mainstream adoption seem tepid at best. After all, the market brims with alternatives, and virtual reality hasn’t yet firmly planted its flag in the mainstream domain, suggesting that a significant portion of consumers might remain on the fence.

Kuo foresees the successor to the Vision Pro entering mass production in the first half of 2027. This suggests that the Vision Pro might retain its current design in the ensuing years and that Apple might need a prolonged gestation period to persuade the broader market of this product’s virtues.