Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

The US Department of Justice accused North Korean hacker Park Jin Hyok, who launched Wannacry & Sony cyber attacks

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A few days ago, the US Department of Justice officially accused North Korean hacker Park Jin Hyok, who launched some cyber attacks. The hacker is said to belong to the core of the Lazarus Group.

The Lazarus Group is an active hacking group that has launched several attacks around the world in recent years. The group is well known for its WannaCry series of ransomware.

In addition to ransomware, Lazarus Group also launched an attack against the National Bank of Bangladesh, using the global banking transit system to steal hundreds of millions of dollars.


Also, in the early years, Sony Pictures suffered hacking and leaked a lot of confidential information and unreleased movies. This hacking attack was also carried out by Lazarus Group.

The US Treasury said that Lazarus Group had moved billions of dollars in cyber attacks against banking in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America in recent years.

At the same time, the US defence outsourcers, American universities and technology companies were also victims. Lazarus Group launched these attacks.

Before this, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had released a message that North Korea committed both Sony Pictures and WannaCry, and the accusation was counted as a boat.

At present, the FBI has included some members of the Lazarus Group hackers, including Park Jin Hyok, in the tracking list to implement follow-up measures.

Via: Aljazeera