Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

The report shows that WannaCry is on top of ransomware in 2019

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A new report released by Precise Security shows that WannaCry topped the list of ransomware infections last year. Precise Security said more than 23.5% of devices were eventually locked by ransomware. Spam and phishing emails still being the most common source of infection last year. No less than 67% of ransomware infections are transmitted via email. Lack of network security training and weak passwords and access management are the main reasons that computers are encrypted after an attack.

This report shows that the number of ransomware attacks targeting government agencies, healthcare, the energy sector, and education continues to increase.

The WannaCry ransomware outbreak occurred in May 2017, when the first Windows computers were infected with an NSA vulnerability called EternalBlue. Microsoft quickly released a patch to stop the vulnerability, including the unsupported Windows XP operating system, but many users are still using unpatched devices.

Like other ransomware infections, WannaCry encrypts files stored on the device and requires users to pay for the decryption key. WannaCry attackers demand victims pay in bitcoin, which according to statistics has caused about $ 4 billion in losses worldwide.