Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

The photo app on Windows 10 now supports OCR text recognition

1 min read

Microsoft is currently testing the optical recognition of photo applications in the Windows 10 Insider Preview, which helps users search for the necessary image text content.

Of course, in most cases, the photo is textless, so it is not easy to search directly, but it is very convenient for users who use shorthand photo storage.

This feature is turned on by default and does not require any user settings. When the user searches for content, the system automatically recognises the text and then matches it.

The Windows 10 photo app that now supports optical recognition is still in beta, so the official version of the user is temporarily unable to receive the new version of the push.

Users interested in learning about this feature can follow the follow-up news. If it goes well, Microsoft should soon release it to all Windows 10 users.

Via: windowslatest