Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

The malware allows ATMs to spit out all cash on demand

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One morning, a bank employee in Freiburg, Germany, found that an ATM machine seemed to have problems. A strange message was received on its control panel – “Ho-ho-ho! Let’s make some cutlets today!” Unfortunately, the employee did not immediately realize that the hacker had implanted malware into the ATM. The end result is, as you can see in many film and television productions – this ATM spits out a bunch of cash until the cash box is completely emptied.

A survey conducted by Motherboard and a German news media shows how hackers are gradually attacking computers with outdated software and low security. It is clear that the authorities concerned do not want to go too far on the matter, but multiple sources confirm that this type of ATM attack is on the rise worldwide. This means that the bank’s security system is fragile and basically not ready to deal with it. Typically, an attacker first installs an access point (such as a USB interface) from an ATM to install malware. The cost of the associated attack code is actually very low – just $1,000, you can buy Russian software.

Cybersecurity expert David Sancho believes that this event will not be confined to a specific corner of the world, but may occur on a global scale.

Source: BGR