The initial stocking volume of Apple iPhone 15 series is “not optimistic”

Apple is set to unveil its new generation of iPhone 15 series smartphones this autumn, and the necessary preparations are currently underway. The smartphone market this year is challenging, with prolonged sluggish demand, and major manufacturers and supply chains are experiencing significant pressure. Even Apple, a stalwart in the industry, began reducing orders from the first quarter of 2023.

Apple iPhone 15

According to Digitimes, supply chain sources suggest that the stockpile for the Apple iPhone 15 series is “less than encouraging,” estimated to be only within the range of 85 to 90 million units in 2023. Although on the surface this seems similar to last year’s stockpile for new models, industry insiders are sensing the chill, especially since last year’s optimistic estimates for stockpile reached 100 million, which has now been discounted.

Insiders familiar with the smartphone market believe that the iPhone 14 series began promotional discounts earlier than previous products, starting as early as January this year. Coupled with more frequent promotional activities and Apple’s reduction of orders in the first quarter of this year, the entire supply chain has faced a demand more dismal than the traditional off-season. Many users keen on purchasing the new model bought it immediately after its release in September last year, leading to a noticeable drop in sales by December.

In comparison, the situation for Android phones is even more dire, making Apple’s iPhone 15 series a potential savior for the market. The size of the smartphone market this year is expected to shrink by about 10%, and Apple’s products, in theory, can maintain a relatively high market share. However, with the data on sales and stockpiling volumes, more people believe that the likelihood of a discount on the sales of the new models is increasing, leading to a more conservative outlook for the sales of the iPhone 15 series.