The foldable bluetooth computer mouse Air.0 for thin and light notebooks

Equipping a suitable mouse for a laptop has always been an easy task. It needs to be portable and not too difficult to use. Although there are many very small mice on the market, the grip is bad, and no matter how small the mouse is, if you put it in a laptop bag, it will arch up a piece. In response to these two problems, there is now a mouse called Air.0, which is a folding mouse.

Image: Kickstarter

This Air.0 mouse should be based on some flat protective covers that can be folded into a stand. It can be flattened into a piece of skin when not in use. In this state, its thinnest thickness is only 4.5mm, and the weight is only 40g, which can be easily stuffed into the bag with the notebook without arching.

When you need to use it, simply squeeze the Air.0 mouse with your hand, you can make it into a shape of a rib, and then you can use it as an ordinary mouse. Moreover, its left and right keys are all mechanical pressing keys, and it is not made into touch, and even the scroll bar is retained, and the user experience is still very complete.

In addition to portability, the official said that such a 3D design also takes ergonomics into consideration and has a good anti-drop ability. As for the hardware parameters of the mouse, Air.0 uses Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection, with a nominal battery life of up to 3 months, and supports fast charging, while the built-in sensor has a performance of 4000 CPI and so on.

At present, this Air.0 mouse is crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and the early bird price is $49.