Tails 3.3 release, Linux distributions built-in anonymous Internet access


Tails 3.3 released, Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is based on Debian from bootable CD or USB issue, the goal is to provide users with complete anonymity of the Internet.


The new version updates are as follows:


Upgrades and changes

  • Update Tor to which saves bandwidth when starting.
  • Update Tor Browser to 7.0.10.
  • Update Thunderbird to 52.4.0.
  • Update Linux to 4.13.0.

Fixed problems

  • Fix UEFI support for USB sticks installed using Universal USB Installer. (#8992)
  • Fix errors on file system creation in Tails Installer when the target USB stick is plugged before starting Tails Installer. (#14755).
  • Fix Tails Installer on Debian sid and recent versions of udisks2. (#14809)
  • Fix the screen reader and screen keyboard in Tor Browser and Thunderbird. (#14752#9260)
  • Make the configuration of the keyboard layout more robust when starting a session. (#12543)

For more details, read our changelog


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