System76 launched Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS release version

Well-known Linux notebook manufacturer System76 recently announced the launch of the “Pop! _OS” operating system, although still based on Ubuntu and GNOME desktop environment, System76 will user interface, driver and other content personalized, in other words, is to better control the user experience, It is very wise to move.

System 76 said: “Pop! _OS community is still in the early stages of development, which also means that developers and users can express their own expectations of this operating system and recommendations to help build the complete operating system. Currently, the team has begun to develop Research and development roadmap, structure code, discussion forum and around the code review of the relevant process.Pop! _OS the entire development process is very attractive, modern and simple appearance, the team has begun to simplify the installation process and user settings, etc. The first The version is scheduled for release on October 19 and the addition will add more new features and more customizable capabilities.


“Although our operating systems and computers are able to meet the needs of any user, the creative and functional focus of the Pop! _OS system is aimed at professional users and making the company’s products more innovative,” said Carl Richell, CEO of System 76. The primary purpose of the project is to make the Linux desktop more productive through all the work that has been reviewed so far as a good helper for engineers, developers and computer research.



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