Swiss e-voting system launches bug bounty program with a $150,000 bonus

Russian attacks against US groups

The Swiss government will test an Internet-based electronic voting system later this month. The Swiss government said that anyone who could find a system bug in this test could get up to 50,000 CHF (about 50,000 US dollars). The Swiss government’s total prize money this time reached 150,000 CHF (about $150,000 dollars).

Russian attacks against US groups

WhiteHat hackers who want to participate in the test can sign up for the Public Intrusion Test (PIT) project. The Swiss Post system will conduct an election test between February 24 and March 24, a typical Swiss federal election in which any registered white hat hacker is free to discover and report vulnerabilities.

The Swiss government said that for the manipulation of undetectable votes, the bonus ranged from 30,000 to 50,000 CHF (30,000 to 50,000 US dollars), and if the auditor can detect the manipulation, the bonus will be reduced to 20,000 CHF (20,000 US dollars). In this test, hackers can get a minimum of 100 CHF ($100) in prize money.

Via: theverge