Spring Security OAuth 2.2 releases

Spring Security OAuth 2.2.0 official version has been released.  It provides features for implementing both consumers and providers of these protocols using standard Spring and Spring Security programming models and configuration idioms.

Change log:

  • JwtClaimsSetVerifier that provides the capability of verifying the claim(s) contained in a JWT Claims Set.
  • IssuerClaimVerifier that verifies the Issuer (iss) claim contained in the JWT Claims Set.
  • DelegatingJwtClaimsSetVerifier that simply delegates claims verification to it’s internal list of JwtClaimsSetVerifier(s).
  • ProviderDiscoveryClient that is capable of discovering provider configuration information as defined by the OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0 specification.
  • JwkTokenStore now supports multiple JWK Set URL’s.
  • The ability to supply a custom AccessTokenConverter to JwkTokenStore.