SK Hynix successfully develops the highest-capacity 24GB HBM3 DRAM product

SK Hynix announces it has achieved the world’s first vertical stacking of 12 monolithic DRAM chips, successfully developing the highest-capacity 24GB HBM3 DRAM product and undergoing performance verification by client companies. SK Hynix asserts this milestone represents another leap in high-performance DRAM, transcending the technical boundaries of HBM3.

Last June, SK Hynix became the industry’s first to mass-produce HBM3 DRAM, utilized in NVIDIA’s H100 computing cards. NVIDIA had procured HBM3 DRAM from SK Hynix with a bandwidth of 819 GB/s, in line with the HBM3 high-bandwidth memory standard released by JEDEC earlier that year. SK Hynix has now increased HBM3 DRAM’s capacity by 50%, offering a 24GB product suite.

With the growth of the artificial intelligence chatbot industry, SK Hynix anticipates a surge in demand for high-end memory and has decided to bring the new HBM3 DRAM to market in the latter half of this year to meet market needs. SK Hynix has provided 24GB HBM3 DRAM samples to partners, and clients hold high expectations for the product.

SK Hynix’s technical team employed advanced MR-MUF3 and TSV4 technologies in the new product, enhancing process efficiency and product performance stability through advanced MR-MUF technology, while leveraging TSV technology to vertically stack 12 monolithic DRAM chips, 40% thinner than existing chips, achieving the same height as 16GB products.

HBM DRAM is an essential memory semiconductor product for realizing generative AI that necessitates high-performance computing. The first-generation HBM DRAM debuted in 2013. The latest HBM3 DRAM specification is considered the product of choice for rapidly processing vast data, and demand from large technology companies continues to expand.