Rumor: Apple plans to remove the 3D touch in All 2019 iPhones

Rumor: Apple plans to remove the 3D touch in All 2019 iPhones

It is rumoured that Apple has plans to remove the 3D touch function, which is not used very much. This feature allows users to press the device screen to get more shortcuts.

At present, many applications support 3D touch functions, including Apple’s apps, but it seems that Apple has not used many users.

The technology website said that Apple had removed the description of the 3D touch function in the marketing materials, which seems to indicate that the company no longer cares about this feature.

The use of transition removal is not completely disabled:

Previously, the iOS beta had been turned off by pressing the touch function on the side of the screen, that is, the task management interface could not be called up when the sidebar was pressed.

At the time, Apple’s engineers also mentioned that it was temporarily removed due to some problems, and then the side-by-side pressing function in the new iOS version was successfully restored.

This rumour that Apple removed 3D touch is ready to be removed from the 2019 OLED device, which is not directly disabled in the iOS system.

According to the plan, the OLED device in 2019 should be the third-generation iPhone X and the second-generation iPhone X Plus. After that, the new device will no longer support 3D touch.

Why Apple will remove 3D touch features:

Although it is only rumoured that the final plan may change, but from the perspective of Apple, it is not too many users who use 3D touch.

If the number of users is small, then there is no need to continue to integrate 3D touch into the display. Wasting time and resources is meaningless.

Of course, Apple may continue to provide users with a better experience through other means, but users who are accustomed to using 3D touch function may be disappointed.

Via: MacRumors