Riot v3.7.2 release, JavaScript MVP framework

Riot v3.7.2 has been released, Riot.js is a client model-view-rendering (MVP) framework and it is very lightweight or even less than 1kb. Although his size is incredible, all it can build is as follows: a template engine, routing, and even a library and a strict and organized MVP model. The view is automatically updated when the model data changes. This update is as follows


  • Fix: svg dynamic preserveAspectRatio don’t work riot/2445
  • Fix: scoping of show in Yielded Content riot/2448
  • Improve: loops performance
  • Improve: new tags creation preferring objects instead of function instances
  • Improve: simplify parent -> children tags inheritance


  • Update: dependencies and refactor some internal code avoiding bitwise operators
  • Fix: CoffeeScript parser require riot-compiler/102


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