Researchers found a spy app that abused Apple Enterprise Certificate to bypass Apple’s app store

Alcatel smartphones malicious programs

Mobile security company Lookout found that powerful spyware is targeting iPhone users and stealing their private information. Researchers claim that developers of the software have abused Apple’s Enterprise Certificate for bypassing their app store reviews and infecting unsuspecting victim devices.

Once installed, this masquerading software provides silent access to the victim’s contacts, audio recordings, photos, videos and other device information, including their real-time location data.

Alcatel smartphones malicious programs

The researchers found that the app can also be triggered remotely to listen to people’s conversations. Although there is no data showing who might be the target of the attack, the researchers point out that this malicious application appears on fake websites of mobile operators in Italy and Turkmenistan. Previously, there was also a similar spyware Exodus for Android devices.

Lookout senior security intelligence engineer Adam Bauer said that both software use the same back-end infrastructure, and the iOS version uses a variety of technologies, making the analysis of network traffic very difficult. The group is responsible for developing this software are obviously professional.

Researchers say they don’t know how many Apple users are affected. Apple has not commented on this yet.

Via: TechCrunch