Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Researcher found a security vulnerability in Maxthon 5 Browser for Windows

1 min read

The Maxthon Browser is a popular browser in China and Europe. Although the market share is not particularly high, the overall reputation has been good for many years. Recently, researchers from Safe Breach found that there is a high-risk vulnerability (CVE-2019-16647) in the desktop version of the Maxthon browser. The vulnerability provides an attacker with the ability to gain NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM access as an Administrator.

The researchers have already notified the person in charge of the vulnerability information to the developer of the browser. Unfortunately, the browser has not yet released a new version for repair. The latest version of the official website of the browser has still had security vulnerabilities, and Maxthon Ltd said that the repaired version will push soon. The researchers said that the Windows version of the Maxthon browser v5.10 ~ v5.27 is affected, the latest version of the current browser is v5.27.

For security reasons, users who use the migration browser are advised to temporarily uninstall the software. After the developer releases a new version to fix the vulnerability, it is considered to be reinstalled.