Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Research says that Google collects data far beyond Facebook

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Digital Content Next and Vanderbilt University researchers published a report saying that Google collects far more data than Facebook, and it is difficult for users to avoid Google unless they lose their mobile phone, do not access the Internet, and use paper maps. Google is sure to collect your data.

Google’s portfolio includes the most market-savvy search engines, desktop and mobile browsers, and mobile operating systems that are used by billions of people every day. Also, Google has viral products and services such as Gmail, YouTube and Nest.

The researchers intercepted the data that Android phones sent to Google servers analysed the information Google provided to users through the export tool and believed that almost all of the user’s online activities were collected and organised by Google. With this information, Google can accurately determine the user’s interests. 

Google collects far more data than Facebook, according to the report, and it is the world’s largest digital advertising company. Its vast portfolio of services, from Android to Google Search to Chrome to Google Pay, create a firehose of data. Professor Douglas Schmidt and his team intercepted data as it was transmitted from Android smartphones to Google servers. They also examined the information Google provides users in its My Activity and Google Takeout tools, as well as the company’s privacy polices and previous research on the topic. The researchers claims that almost every move you make online is collected and collated, from your morning routine (such as music tastes, route to work, and news preferences) to errands (including calendar appointments, webpages visited, and purchases made). “At the end of the day, Google identified user interests with remarkable accuracy.