Redisson 3.5.4 release, Redis client

redisson 3.5.4 has been released. Redisson is a Java built-in memory data grid (In-Memory Data Grid) based on Redis. Full use of the Redis key database provides a range of advantages, based on the Java utility toolkit commonly used interface, to provide users with a series of distributed features with the commonly used tool class.


  • Feature – added maxSize setting for SpringCacheManager
  • Feature – allow LiveObjectService to work with classes that inherit from REntities (thanks to @sdjacobs)
  • Improvement – RMapCache entires eviction process optimized
  • Improvement – handling of slave down process
  • Fixed – operation on slave coldn’t be executed after its restart (thanks to @xavierfacq)
  • Fixed – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in RedissonSessionRepository
  • Fixed – storing Live Objects in Redisson’s collection objects (thanks to Rui Gu)
  • Fixed – cancel write operation for commands belong to disconnected connection
  • Fixed – possible race-condition during cancellation of write operation to Redis connection
  • Fixed – accessor methods in Live Objects break if they start with ‘is’ (thanks to @sdjacobs)
  • Fixed – MapReduce Collator couldn’t be executed if timeout was defined
  • Fixed – RedissonKeys.delete throws NullPointerException in some cases
  • Fixed – CancellationException handling during RemotePromise cancellation
  • Fixed – RedisNodeNotFoundException should be supplied to Failed Promise


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