Redisson 3.5.2 and 2.10.2 release, Redis client

Redisson 3.5.2 and 2.10.2 were released. Redisson is a Java built-in memory data grid (In-Memory Data Grid) based on Redis. Full use of the Redis key database provides a range of advantages, based on the Java utility toolkit commonly used interface, to provide users with a series of distributed features with the commonly used tool class.

Redisson 3.5.2 and 2.10.2 Update:

  • Function – add the addScoreAndGetRank and addScoreAndGetRevRank methods to the RScoredSortedSet object
  • Function – add the addAndGetRank and addAndGetRevRank methods to the RScoredSortedSet object (thanks @zuanoc)
  • Function – use the trySetMaxSize setMaxSize method to add support for the limited RMapCache object (thanks @johnou)
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