RedisDesktopManager 0.9.3 released

RedisDesktopManager 0.9.3 released, Redis Desktop Manager (RedisDesktopManager, RDM) is a fast, simple, support cross-platform Redis desktop management tools, based on Qt 5 development support SSH tunnel connection.

Search in connection tree

RDM supports key filtering. To filter keys you need to open database context menu and select “Filter keys”

After that you will be able to enter filter pattern:

Press OK button to apply a filter.

Native value formatters

Native value formatters are scripts or executables developed in different programming languages which allow displaying in readable form the key values of various formats inside the RDM value editor. You can easily implement any formatter for your own purposes as well. To see more information including the full list of available formatters and implementation instructions please follow this link.

Officially Supported platforms: Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.12, Ubuntu 16, LinuxMint | Fedora | CentOS | OpenSUSE (build with the automated script) This update is as follows:

New features

  • ReJSON module support


  • Fix #4095: Fedora 27 – QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component


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