Redis 4.0.0 officially released, high-performance key-value database

Redis is a high-performance key-value database. Redis the emergence of a large degree of compensation Memcached such keyvalue storage deficiencies, in some cases can be a good complement to the relational database. It provides Python, Ruby, Erlang, PHP client, easy to use.

Redis 4.0.0 officially released, this is the first stable version of the Redis 4.0 series, including some of the following major improvements: modular system, better copy (PSYNC2), to eviction policies, threaded DEL / FLUSH improvements, RDB + AOF format, support for Raspberry Pi as the primary platform, the new MEMORY command line, Redis Cluster support for Nat / Docker, faster Redis Cluster key creation, and many other minor features and some behavioral fixes.

Compared with the previous RC, there are some bug fixes and improvements, mainly:

  • For the new copy engine PSYNC2 repair
  • The introduction of the module thread safe contexts is now an experimental API, but the API is considered stable and available when needed
  • SLOWLOG will now record the offending client name and address. It should be noted that this is for the backward compatibility of the damage to prevent the old code will determine the slow log entry consists of three entries.
  • The module native data type RDB format has changed
  • The AOF checker can now handle RDB preambles
  • Added GEORADIUS_RO and GEORADIUSBYMEMBER_RO variants that do not support the STORE option, in order to allow read-only expansion of this query
  • HSET is now variable, HMSET is considered to be deprecated (but will be supported in the future). Please use HSET for new code
  • GEORADIUS huge radius (> = ~ 6000 km) corner cases fixed, certain elements near the edges were not returned.
  • Add the DEBUG DIGEST module API
  • The HyperLogLog command no longer crashes in some input string (non-HLL)
  • Fix SLAVEOF in MULTI / EXEC blocks
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

For more information, please refer to the Release Notes


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