ReactOS 0.4.7 release, A free Windows-compatible Operating System


ReactOS is a free and open source operating system, it is based on the Windows NT architecture reflected in the best design concept. ReactOS is written entirely from scratch, it is not based on the Linux system, and does not have in common with the UNIX architecture.

The purpose of the ReactOS project is to provide a binary compatible operating system with Windows. This allows Windows applications and drivers to function as they do on Windows systems. In addition, the Windows operating system perception is also used, so familiar with the Windows user interface will be able to use ReactOS straightforward. The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to let people use it as an alternative to Windows, without having to replace the software they are familiar with.

Changelog 0.4.7

  • [CORE-4107] – Firefox 3.X / 4.X do not register as default web browsers
  • [CORE-4361] – Total Commander 7.04a “explorer is not responding” error during installation
  • [CORE-4975] – Opera: in v9.64 Speed Dial does not work correctly
  • [CORE-6993] – Flat Assembler (fasm) IDE visual glitch
  • [CORE-7454] – shell32: When the Properties Window of a drive is opened, the contextual menu of other Drives does not appear
  • [CORE-7542] – Shell Executions do not work properly when paths include spaces
  • [CORE-7630] – Opening Networking tab of Windows Task Manager causes ROS to BSOD


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