ReactOS 0.4.6 release, optional alternative to Windows

ReactOS is a free and open source operating system, which is based on the Windows NT architecture reflected in the best design concept. ReactOS is written entirely from scratch, it is not based on the Linux system, and does not have in common with the UNIX architecture.

The purpose of the ReactOS project is to provide a binary compatible operating system with Windows. This allows Windows applications and drivers to function as they do on Windows systems. In addition, Windows operating system perception is also used, so familiar with the Windows user interface will be able to use ReactOS straightforward. ReactOS’s ultimate goal is to let people use it as an alternative to Windows, which eliminates the need to replace the software they are familiar with.

ReactOS 0.4.6 has been released, 0.4.6 is an important version of hardware support. The version has fixed several double boot problems and now manages the partitions in a more secure way to avoid damaging the partitioned list structure.

ReactOS Loader can now load the custom kernel and HAL. The Printing Subsystem is still green in 0.4.6, but Colin Finck has implemented a number of new APIs and has fixed some errors in ReactOS automated test detection and reporting.

With regard to the driver, Pierre Schweitzer has added an NFS driver and started implementing RDBSS and RXCE, which need to start support for SMBs in the future, Sylvain Petreolle has imported drivers for the digital TV tuner, and the UDFS driver is already at 0.4. 6 after re-enabled, fixes a few deadlocks and problems that were previously unavailable.

Serious errors and vulnerabilities in CDFS, SCSI, and HDAUDBUS have also been fixed.

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ReactOS has two versions for the newly installed BootCD, as well as for the experience of the operating system without the need to install the Live version.

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