RabbitMQ 3.6.13 - Open source multi-protocol messaging broke

RabbitMQ 3.6.14 releases, Open source multi-protocol messaging broke

RabbitMQ 3.6.13 releases. RabbitMQ is an open source implementation of an Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) provided by LShift, written by Erlang, known for its high performance, robustness, and scalability, and therefore inherited these advantages.

RabbitMQ supports:

  • AMQP 0-9-1
  • STOMP 1.0 through 1.2
  • MQTT 3.1.1
  • AMQP 1.0


  • Distributed Deployment
    Deploy as clusters for high availability and throughput; federate across multiple availability zones and regions.
  • Tools & Plugins
    Diverse array of tools and plugins supporting continuous integration, operational metrics, and integration to other enterprise systems. Flexible plug-in approach for extending RabbitMQ functionality.

RabbitMQ 3.6.14 is a maintenance release that fixes problems in systemd unit files that affect some systems. The other situation is, in fact, the same as 3.6.13.

This version is updated:

Debian and RPM package:

Bug fixes:

  • systemd service unit no longer has trailing comments that could lead nodes
    into restart loops on some systems.

Management plugin:

Bug Fix

  • Expandable sections on node metrics page failed to expand.

Please see the release page for the full content.


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