Qt Creator 4.6 beta release, improved support for C++ and CMake


Qt Creator 4.4.0 has been released, the version of the update is concerned about the improvement of the C + + and CMake support.

Changelog v4.6


  • * Locator
  • * Added filter `b` for bookmarks
  • * Added filter `t` for triggering items from the main menu
  • * Added filter `=` for evaluating JavaScript expressions (QTCREATORBUG-14380)
  • * File System View
  • * Added bread crumbs for file path (QTCREATORBUG-19203)
  • * Added `Add New`, `Rename`, `Remove File`, `Diff Against Current File`
  • * Added restoration of search flags when choosing search term from history


  • * Added option to display annotations between lines (QTCREATORBUG-19181)
  • * Fixed that editor could jump to end of file when editing in a different split

C++ Support

  • * Clang Code Model
  • * Switched to Clang 5.0, adding support for C++17
  • * Implemented information tool tips, which improves type information including resolution of `auto` types (QTCREATORBUG-11259), template arguments for template types, and the first or `\brief` paragraph of documentation
    comments (QTCREATORBUG-4557)
  • * Integrated Clang-Tidy and Clazy. Enable checks in Options > C++ > Code Model > Clang Code Model Warnings
  • * Added separate highlighting for function definitions (QTCREATORBUG-16625)

QML Support

  • * Added inline annotations for issues from code model


  • * Split `Expressions` view from `Locals` view (QTCREATORBUG-19167)



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