PuTTY is now available in the Microsoft Store

PuTTY can be said to be the most well-known open-source terminal connection tool. Many terminal connection tools are based on PuTTY to develop more functions for developers to use. Given that this is open-source, some developers compile their own and then publish them to the Microsoft Store. However, this is not the official version.Recently, the official version of PuTTY has landed on the Microsoft Store. If you prefer to use the simple and compact PuTTY, you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

The update frequency of PuTTY is extremely low. In the past, it was updated once a year. In recent years, it was sometimes updated twice a year. The latest version is the v0.76 version released in July last year. The version currently released on the Microsoft Store is v0.76. The name of the app is PuTTY, the developer is Simon Tatham, and it is the official version.

There is also PuTTY with the same name in the Microsoft Store, but it has been marked as unofficial. Now that the official version is released, it is estimated that the developers of the unofficial version will also stop updating.