Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Proxmox Backup Server: enterprise-class client-server backup software

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Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise-class client-server backup software that backups virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts. It is specially optimized for the Proxmox Virtual Environment platform and allows you to backup and replicate your data securely. It provides easy management with a command line and web-based user interface, and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (GNU AGPL, v3).

Proxmox Backup Server supports incremental backups, deduplication, compression and authenticated encryption. Using Rust as implementation language guarantees high performance, low resource usage, and a safe, high quality code base. It features strong encryption done on the client side. Thus, it’s possible to backup data to not fully trusted targets.Proxmox Backup Server

Main Features

Support for Proxmox VE
The Proxmox Virtual Environment is fully supported and you can easily backup virtual machines (supporting QEMU dirty bitmaps) and containers.

The whole software stack is written in Rust, to provide high speed and memory efficiency.

Periodic backups produce large amounts of duplicate data. The deduplication layer avoids redundancy and minimizes the used storage space.

Incremental backups
Changes between backups are typically low. Reading and sending only the delta reduces storage and network impact of backups.

Data Integrity
The built in SHA-256 checksum algorithm assures the accuracy and consistency of your backups.

Remote Sync
It is possible to efficiently synchronize data to remote sites. Only deltas containing new data are transferred.

The ultra fast Zstandard compression is able to compress several gigabytes of data per second.

Backups can be encrypted on the client-side using AES-256 in Galois/Counter Mode. This authenticated encryption mode provides very high performance on modern hardware.

Web interface
Manage Proxmox backups with the integrated web-based user interface.

Open Source
No secrets. Proxmox Backup Server is free and open-source software. The source code is licensed under AGPL, v3.

Enterprise support will be available from Proxmox.

And of course – Backups can be restored!