PostgreSQL Beta 3 release


PostgreSQL 10 Beta 3 has been released, which is the third beta version of PostgreSQL 10, which includes a preview of all the available features that PostgreSQL 10 will eventually provide, as well as fixes many of the problems found in the second beta release.

Change log:

  • hash: Fix write-ahead logging bugs related to init forks
  • Fix oddity in error handling of constraint violation in ExecConstraints for partitioned tables
  • Use a real RT index when setting up partition tuple routing
  • Fix serious performance problems in json(b) to_tsvector()
  • Fix problems defining multi-column range partition bounds
  • Fix partitioning crashes during error reporting
  • Fix race conditions in replication slot operations
  • Fix very minor memory leaks in psql’s command.c
  • PL/Perl portability fix: avoid including XSUB.h in plperl.c
  • Fix inadequate stack depth checking in the wake of expression execution changes
  • Allow creation of C/POSIX collations without depending on libc behavior
  • Remove duplicate setting of SSL_OP_SINGLE_DH_USE option
  • Fix crash with logical replication on a function index
  • Teach map_partition_varattnos to handle whole-row expressions
  • Fix lock upgrade hazard in ATExecAttachPartition
  • Apply ALTER … SET NOT NULL recursively in ALTER … ADD PRIMARY KEY
  • hash: Increase the number of possible overflow bitmaps by 8x
  • Only kill sync workers at commit time in subscription DDL
  • Fix bug in deciding whether to scan newly-attached partition
  • Make pg_stop_backup’s wait_for_archive flag work on standbys
  • Fix handling of dropped columns in logical replication
  • Fix local/remote attribute mix-up in logical replication


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