PostgreSQL 10 Beta 4 release


PostgreSQL 10 Beta 4 was released.

Change log:

This version fixes the previous version of the Bug, the main contents are as follows:

  • An external table is displayed in the information_schema.table_privileges view. This hotfix applies to the new database, and for the procedure that applies the patch to an existing database, see the release notes.
  • Clear the processing of forced exit when attempting to execute a ROLLBACK for a failed transaction (for example, due to the receipt of SIGTERM)
  • Remove assertions that may be triggered during forced exit
  • Correctly identify the type of scope or domain type for the composite type or domain type that is being searched
  • When a fixed-length reference data type is passed to a parallel worker process, the crash is prevented
  • To fix a crash in pg_restore when using parallel mode and using a list file to select a subset of the items to be restored
  • Change the ecpg parser to allow the RETURNING clause when there are no additional C variables
  • Change the ecpg parser to recognize the C preprocessor command line for the backslash continuation
  • Improve the choice of PL / Perl compiler flags on Windows
  • When the call is made by a non-GNU make program, the check is normal

For more information, please check the official website release news.


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