PhpStorm 2017.2 official release: new features and bug fixes


PhpStorm 2017.2 has been released, this is a large version of the update, you can  download it or  JetBrains Toolbox App . Noteworthy updates are as follows:


  • New Composer actions: update, remove, install, self-update
  • PhpStorm and composer.json settings synchronization
  • Global installation and easy project creation

PHP Runtime

  • Docker Compose
  • Detection of enabled / disabled extensions from PHP interpreter
  • Preserve state of Start Listening for PHP Debug Connection option

Support for the PHP language

  • Reworked polymorphic types support
  • Better Refactoring for PHP 7 / 7.1
  • $ This highlighting
  • New inspections


  • Automatically run PHPUnit tests
  • Unified Test Frameworks settings

Improved PHP format

  • New formatting options

For a complete list of PHP-related issues that have been fixed, see the problem tracker , where there are all previous EAP release notes .

PhpStorm 2017.2 has also made significant improvements to Web technology support, such as supporting enhanced webpack module solutions, importing from ESLint, rearranging JavaScript and TypeScript code, and so on.

The IntelliJ platform also provides many new features and bug fixes for this release, including versioning, pausing indexes, improvements in Find in Path, and better HiDPI support.

Database tools have also been improved: several databases are stored in a PostgreSQL data source, notifications of large queries are complete, transaction control

For more information, see the new features of PhpStorm 2017.2

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