PHPMailer 6.0.2 release


PHPMailer is a PHP-ready e-mail sending library that is fully functional and is used by a number of open source projects such as WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii, Joomla and many more.


  • Probably the world’s most popular code for sending email from PHP!
  • Used by many open-source projects: WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii, Joomla! and many more
  • Integrated SMTP support – send without a local mail server
  • Send emails with multiple To, CC, BCC and Reply-to addresses
  • Multipart/alternative emails for mail clients that do not read HTML email
  • Add attachments, including inline
  • Support for UTF-8 content and 8bit, base64, binary, and quoted-printable encodings
  • SMTP authentication with LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5 and XOAUTH2 mechanisms over SSL and SMTP+STARTTLS transports
  • Validates email addresses automatically
  • Protect against header injection attacks
  • Error messages in 47 languages!
  • DKIM and S/MIME signing support
  • Compatible with PHP 5.5 and later
  • Namespaced to prevent name clashes
  • Much more!

PHPMailer 6.0.2 is a maintenance release.


  • Don’t make max line length depend on line break format
  • Improve Travis-CI config – thanks to Filippo Tessarotto
  • Match SendGrid transaction IDs
  • idnSupported() now static, as previously documented
  • Improve error messages for invalid addresses
  • Improve Indonesian translation (thanks to @januridp)
  • Improve Esperanto translation (thanks to @dknacht)
  • Clean up git export ignore settings for production and zip bundles
  • Update license doc
  • Updated upgrading docs
  • Clarify addStringEmbeddedImage docs
  • Hide auth credentials in all but lowest level debug output, prevents leakage in bug reports
  • Code style cleanup


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