PHP 7.2

PHP 7.3.0 alpha 3 released, fix bugs

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language executed on a computer that is primarily used to process dynamic web pages, including the command line interface, or a graphical user interface (GUI) program. Improved log as follows

PHP 7.3.0 alpha 3

– Core:
. Fixed bug #76534 (PHP hangs on ‘illegal string offset on string references
with an error handler). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #76520 (Object creation leaks memory when executed over HTTP).
. Fixed bug #76502 (Chain of mixed exceptions and errors does not serialize
properly). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #76509 (Inherited static properties can be desynchronized from
their parent by ref). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #76439 (Changed behaviour in unclosed HereDoc). (Nikita, tpunt)
. Added syslog.facility and syslog.ident INI entries for customizing syslog
logging. (Philip Prindeville)
. Fixed bug #63217 (Constant numeric strings become integers when used as
ArrayAccess offset). (Rudi Theunissen)

– DOM:
. Fixed bug #76285 (DOMDocument::formatOutput attribute sometimes ignored).
(Andrew Nester)

– FPM:
. Fixed bug #73342 (Vulnerability in php-fpm by changing stdin to
non-blocking). (Nikita)

– GMP:
. Fixed bug #74670 (Integer Underflow when unserializing GMP and possible
other classes). (Nikita)

– intl:
. Fixed bug #76556 (get_debug_info handler for BreakIterator shows wrong
type). (cmb)

– mbstring:
. Fixed bug #76532 (Integer overflow and excessive memory usage
in mb_strimwidth). (MarcusSchwarz)

– OpenSSL:
. Add min_proto_version and max_proto_version ssl stream options as well as
related constants for possible TLS protocol values. (Jakub Zelenka)

. Fixed bug #76512 (\w no longer includes unicode characters). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #76514 (Regression in preg_match makes it fail with

. Fixed bug #76548 (pg_fetch_result did not fetch the next row). (Anatol)

– phpdbg:
. Fix arginfo wrt. optional/required parameters. (cmb)

– Reflection:
. Fixed bug #76536 (PHP crashes with core dump when throwing exception in
error handler). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #75231 (ReflectionProperty#getValue() incorrectly works with
inherited classes). (Nikita)

– Standard:
. Fixed bug #76505 (array_merge_recursive() is duplicating sub-array keys).
. Fixed bug #71848 (getimagesize with $imageinfo returns false). (cmb)

– Tokenizer:
. Fixed bug #76538 (token_get_all with TOKEN_PARSE flag fails to recognise
close tag with newline). (Nikita)


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