PHP PHP 7.4 Alpha 1 Releases

PHP 7.3

PHP is a general-purpose open source scripting language. The grammar absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java, and Perl is conducive to learning and is widely used, mainly for the field of Web development. PHP’s unique syntax mixes C, Java, Perl, and PHP’s native syntax. It can execute dynamic web pages faster than CGI or Perl. Dynamic pages made with PHP compared to other programming languages, PHP embeds programs into HTML (an application under the standard universal markup language) document, which is much more efficient than CGI that entirely generates HTML markup. PHP can also execute compiled code, compile to achieve encryption and optimize code execution, making the code run faster.

PHP 7.3


Version 7.4 Alpha 1

– Core:
. Fixed bug #77345 (Stack Overflow caused by circular reference in garbage collection). (Alexandru Patranescu, Nikita, Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #77877 (call_user_func() passes $this to static methods).
. Implemented FR #76148 (Add array_key_exists() to the list of specially compiled functions). (Majkl578)
. Fixed bug #76430 (__METHOD__ inconsistent outside of method).
(Ryan McCullagh, Nikita)
. Fixed bug #75921 (Inconsistent: No warning in some cases when stdObj is created on the fly). (David Walker)
. Fixed bug #71030 (Self-assignment in list() may have inconsistent behavior).
. Fixed bug #76451 (Aliases during inheritance type checks affected by opcache). (Nikita)

– CLI:
. The built-in CLI server now reports the request method in log files.
(Simon Welsh)

– COM:
. Deprecated registering of case-insensitive constants from typelibs. (cmb)

. Fixed bug #76480 (Use curl_multi_wait() so that timeouts are respected).
. Implemented FR #77711 (CURLFile should support UNICODE filenames). (cmb)
. Deprecated CURLPIPE_HTTP1. (cmb)
. Deprecated $version parameter of curl_version(). (cmb)